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6 artikel di jurnal Q1

Dwiranti, A., Arifudin, F.S., Wako, T., Fukui, K. 2021. Imaging the inner structure of chromosomes: contribution of focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy to chromosome research. Chromosome Research. 29(1), pp. 51–62

Dwiyahreni, A.A., Fuad, H.A.H., Muhtar, S., …Margules, C., Supriatna, J. 2021. Changes in the human footprint in and around Indonesia’s terrestrial national parks between 2012 and 2017. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 4510.

A.A. Thasun Amarasinghe, Chairunas A.Putra, Sujan M.Henkanaththegedara, Asri A.Dwiyahreni, Nurul L.Winarni, Sunaryo, ChrisMargules, Jatna Supriatna. 2021. Herpetofaunal diversity of West Bali National Park, Indonesia with identification of indicator species for long-term monitoring. Global Ecology and Conservation.

Wiedenfeld, D.A., Alberts, A.C., Angulo, A., Supriatna, J., …Vié, J.-C., Zhang, L. 2021. Conservation resource allocation, small population resiliency, and the fallacy of conservation triage. Conservation Biology, [article in press)

Yulianto Suteja, I Gusti Ngurah Putra Dirgayusa, Afdal, Muhammad Reza Cordova, Arief Rachman, Wingking Era Rintaka, Noverita Dian Takarina, … Anna Ida Sunaryo Purwiyanto. 2021. Identification of potentially harmful microalgal species and eutrophication status update in Benoa Bay, Bali, Indonesia. Ocean & Coastal Management, 210, 105698

Takarina, N.D., A.I.S. Purwiyanto, and Y. Suteja. 2021. Cadmium (Cd), Copper (Cu), and Zinc (Zn) levels in commercial and non-commercial fishes in the Blanakan River Estuary, Indonesia: A preliminary study. Marine Pollutant Bulletin, 170(2021) 112607.

12 artikel di jurnal Q2

Siregar, A.Y., Sartsanga, C., Arifudin, F.S., (…), Andi Salamah, Fukui, K., Dwiranti, A. 2021. Calcium ion significance on the maintenance of barley (Hordeum vulgare) chromosome compaction. Micron, 145, 103046.

Bowolaksono, A., Fauzi, M., Sundari, A.M., (…), Abinawanto, Lestari, R., Dwiranti, A., Fadhillah. 2021. The effects of luteinizing hormone as a suppression factor for apoptosis in bovine luteal cells in vitro. Reproduction in Domestic Animals.

Julendra, H., Sofyan, A., Istiqomah, L., (…), Abinawanto, Yasman. 2021. Intestinal Morphology, Energy Availability, and Growth Performance of Broilers Treated with the Combination of Probiotic and Inulin. Tropical Animal Science Journal, 44(1), pp. 39–47.

Yudasari, N., Wiguna, P.A., Handayani, W., Suliyanti, M.M., Imawan, C. 2021. The formation and antibacterial activity of Zn/ZnO nanoparticle produced in Pometia pinnata leaf extract solution using a laser ablation technique. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, 127(1), 56

Lestari, F., Kadir, A., Miswary, T., (…), Bowolaksono, A., Paramitasari, D. 2021. Implementation of bio-risk management system in a national clinical and medical referral centre laboratories. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(5), pp. 1–14, 2308.

Agie Wandala Putra, Jatna Supriatna, Raldi Hendro Koestoer, Tri Edhi Budhi Soesilo. 2021. Differences in Local Rice Price Volatility, Climate, and Macroeconomic Determinants in the Indonesian Market. Sustainability, 13, 4465.

Rahma F. Hayati, Cynthia D. Better, Dionisius Denis, Amalina G. Komarudin, Anom Bowolaksono, Benediktus Yohan, and R. Tedjo Sasmono. 2021.  [6]-Gingerol Inhibits Chikungunya Virus Infection by Suppressing Viral Replication. Biomed Research International. Volume 2021.

Putri, M.D., Handayani, W., Dwiranti, A., …, Salamah, A., Hemelda, N.M., Putrika, A. 2021. The development of gametophyte sterilization method for liverworts Acrolejeunea fertilis (Reinw., blume and nees) schiffn. in vitro culture. HAYATI Journal of Biosciences, 28(1), pp. 39–47

Thasun Amarasinghe, A.A., Ganesh, S.R., Patel, H., …Abinawanto, A., Supriatna, J. 2021. Taxonomy and predicted distribution of a rare Indian skink, Eutropis innotata (Blanford, 1870) (Reptilia: Scincidae) with the redescription of its holotype. Zootaxa, 4981(3), pp. 577–590

Bowolaksono, A., Lestari, F., Satyawardhani, S.A., …Maharani, C.F., Paramitasari, D. 2021. Analysis of bio-risk management system implementation in indonesian higher education laboratory. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(10), 5076

Rasyid A, Yasman, Putra MY. 2021. Current prospects of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical use of sea cucumbers. Pharmacia 68(3): 561–572.

Abinawanto, Dyah Putri Alifiani, Anang Hari Kristanto, Astari Dwiranti, Fadhillah, Anom Bowolaksono, Retno Lestari. 2021. Date palm extract effect on quality of mahseer fish (Tor soro) spermatozoa after frozen storage. Journal of Hunan University Natural Science, 48(6): 59-71

18 artikel di jurnal Q3

Takarina ND, Sinaga IL, Kultsum TR. 2021. Riparian plant diversity in relation to artisanal mining sites in Cikidang River, Banten, Indonesia. Biodiversitas,

Fadhilah, Q.G., Santoso, I., Yasman. 2021. The antagonistic activity of marine actinomycetes from mangrove ecosystem against phytopathogenic fungi Colletotrichum sp. KA. Biodiversitas, 22(2), pp. 640–647.

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Widiarti, R., Zamani, N.P., Bengen, D.G., Madduppa, H. 2021.  Morphotype diversity of Prorocentrum lima in the western part of indonesian waters. Biodiversitas, 22(2), pp. 607–614.

Normasiwi, S., Salamah, A., Surya, M.I. 2021. Morphological characteristics of Indonesian rubus flowers. Biodiversitas, 22(3), pp. 1441–1447.

Dwiyahreni, A.A., Fuad, H.A.H., Sunaryo,, (…), Margules, C., Supriatna, J. 2021. Forest cover changes in indonesia’s terrestrial national parks between 2012 and 2017. Biodiversitas, 22(3), pp. 1235–1242.

Sophian, A., Abinawanto, Nisa, U.C., Fadhillah. 2021. Morphometric analysis of Gorontalo (Indonesia) native chickens from six different regions. Biodiversitas, 22(4), pp. 1757–1763

Winarni, N.L., Anugra, B.G., Anisafitri, S., Kaunain, N.N., Pradana, D.H. 2021. Fieldwork during pandemic: Backyard bird survey and making student’s biological field practice works. Biodiversitas, 22(4), pp. 1887–1894

Setyawan, A.D., Supriatna, J., Nisyawati,, …Setyono, P., Indrawan, M. 2021. Projecting expansion range of Selaginella zollingeriana in the Indonesian archipelago under future climate condition. Biodiversitas, 22(4), pp. 2088–2103

Nasution, A.K., Takarina, N.D., Thoha, H. 2021.The presence and abundance of harmful dinoflagellate algae related to water quality in Jakarta bay, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 22(5), pp. 2909–2917

Abinawanto, Zulistiana, T., Lestari, R., Dwiranti, A., Bowolaksono, A. 2021. The genetic diversity of ayam ketawa (Gallus gallus domesticus, linneaus, 1758) in bangkalan district, madura island, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 22(6), pp. 3145–3155

Pricillia, C.C., Patria, M.P., Herdiansyah, H. 2021. Environmental conditions to support blue carbon storage in mangrove forest: A case study in the mangrove forest, nusa lembongan, bali, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 22(6), pp. 3304–3314

Saifudin, Syalwa Shafira, Astari Dwiranti, Andi Salamah. 2021. Analysis of the chromosome numbers of Zinnia elegans Jacq. in single, double, and pom-pom flowers. Biodiversitas, 22(7), pp. 2771–2777

Rolia, E., Sutjiningsih, D., Yasman, Siswantining, T. 2021. Modeling watershed health assessment for five watersheds in Lampung Province, Indonesia. Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems, 6(1), pp. 99–111.

Antarianto, R.D., Khaerunnisa, S., Pangjaya, L.F., Hardy Lubis, D.S., Lestari, R. 2021. Reconstructing an ovary cancer microenvironment for in vitro 3D drug testing: A new avenue for ovary cancer research JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 71 (2), pp. S129–S133

Tambunan, R.M.N., Santoso, Y.A., Soekirno, S., Nasruddin, Prihantini, N.B. 2021. Difference in Time of Audible Sound Exposure to Chlorella DPK-01 in Tubular Photobioreactors: A Strategy to Improve Photobioreactor System. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 81(2), pp. 82–88

Eldafira, E., Prasasty, V.D., Abinawanto, A., Sjahfirdi, L., Pujianto, D.A. 2021. Polymorphisms of estrogen receptor-α and estrogen receptor-β genes and its expression in endometriosis. Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 18(1), pp. 91–95

Ayu Mulia Sundari, Pritta Ameilia Iffanolida, Kresna Mutia, Naylah Muna, Eliza Mansyur, Andon Hestiantorod, Budi Wiweko, Muhammad Fauzi, Anom Bowolaksono. 2021. Carrier RNA (cRNA) Enhances dsDNA Recovery Extracted from Small Volume Spent Embryo Culture Medium. International Journal on Advance Science Engineering Information Technology, 11(3): 1203-1208

1 artikel di jurnal Q4

Inneke Kusanggraeni, Iman Santoso and Yasman. 2021. Antifungal production of Bacillus siamensis ldr against Aspergillus niger abp and art using rice starch as carbon source. Ecology, Environment and Conservation Journal, Vol 27, Suppl. Issue.

2 artikel di jurnal internasional terindeks scopus

Silitonga, P., Bustamam, A., Muradi, H., Mangunwardoyo, W., Dewi, B.E. 2021. Comparison of dengue predictive models developed using artificial neural network and discriminant analysis with small dataset. Applied Research on English Language, 11(3), pp. 1–16, 943.

Mega Atria, Peter C van Welzen. 2021. The Calamus javensis (arecaceae: calamoideae) complex in historical biogeographic context. Reinwardtia, 20(1): 1-7