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Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology (MeCE)

Research Group of Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology (MeCE) focuses on studying metabolites diversity in organisms related to their biotic and abiotic factors, their function for interaction among organisms (intra and inter specific interaction), as well as their benefit for human welfare.

Research Focus:

  1. Metabolomics in animals, plants, and microbes collected from Indonesia
  2. Marine and Terrestrial Chemical Ecology of organisms in Indonesia
  3. Applied research related to Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology


To develop high-quality research, supervise graduate and undergraduate students, as well as build networking for local and global research collaboration in the area of Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology; To apply Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology for the society advantages.

Field of study:

  1. Metabolomics
  2. Chemical Ecology
  3. Ecophysiology
  4. Natural Products
  5. Bioprospecting
  6. Biochemistry and Biophysics

Head of Research Group:

Dr.rer.nat. Yasman, M.Sc. (Ass. Professor)

Staf Members:

  1. Dr. Ratna Yuniati (Assistant Professor)
  2. Dr. Upi Chairun Nisa M.Sc. (Assistant Professor)
  3. Windri Handayani, M.Si. (Ph.D. candidate at Universitas Indonesia)
  4. Niarsi Merry Hemelda, M.Si. (Ph.D. Student at Okayama Univ. Japan)

Graduate Student Members:

  1. Windri Handayani (Ph.D Student, start 2018)
  2. Susilo (Ph.D Student, start 2020)
  3. Qonita Gina Fadhilah (Master Student, start 2019)
  4. Qory Herrahmawati (Master Student, start 2020)
  5. Seno Murdiono (Master Student, start 2020)
  6. Ayu Dara Kharisma (Master Student, start 2020)
  7. Abdurrahman Zaky (Master Student, start 2020)
  8. Abdullah Rasyid (Master Student, start 2020)

Undergraduate Student Members:

  1. Mohammad Hilmi Rizadha
  2. Rafif Abdul Aziz
  3. Hanifah Tsuraya
  4. Maria Kristiana
  5. Nurani Prima Dwiratri
  6. Reyhan Anindya Untoro
  7. Muhammad Raafi Wibisana
  8. Jessica Putri

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