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The focus of CeMBioS research group is to study the cellular, molecular, and genomic mechanisms which occur in the cells as  an individual, as well as the building block of an organism including to the structure and function of the process underlying a biological  system.

Point of Interest

1. Conducting basic research in the biological system.
2. Understanding major biological processes at the cellular and  molecular level, through the application of methods drawn from structure, function, and genetics.
3. Supporting advanced research within the cellular, molecular, and genomic area in the field of biodiversity conservation and prospection.


Our goals are to develop high-quality research, to train  graduate students in cellular and molecular research,  and to strengthen undergraduate education in the area  of cellular, molecular and genomic mechanism.

  • To train graduate students and to strengthen undergraduate education in the area of  cellular, molecular, and genomic mechanism
  • To answer cellular and molecular phenomenon that occurs in nature primarily which is related to Indonesian biodiversity
  • To explore the opportunities to connect to a global research atmosphere to accelerate research and preparing Indonesian global research leader in the future.

Field of Study

  • The basic cellular and  molecular mechanisms
  • The complexity of cellular  life using experimental  methods that span the  genome to the  phenotype
  • Immunology, apoptosis, autophagy mechanism and pathway
  • Structure and dynamics of biological  macromolecules i.e. chromosome biology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Cell banking
  • Cell and ultrastructure imaging

Head of Research Group:

Dr. Abinawanto, M.S. (Associate Professor)


  1. Anom Bowolaksono, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)
  2. Dr. Andi Salamah (Assistant Professor)
  3. Dr. Retno Lestari M.Si. (Assistant Professor)
  4. Dr. Astari Dwiranti M.Eng. (Assistant Professor)
  5. Nova Anita, M.Biomed. (Assistant Professor)
  6. Fadhillah, Ph.D. (Lecturer)
  7. Saifudin, M.Si. (Lecturer)

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