Microbial Systematics and Prospecting (MSP)

This research group has a strong emphasis on molecular systematics; ecology of prokaryote and eukaryotic microorganisms; the study of the fundamental properties of Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and their interaction with hosts and environment. The group also focus on the development of potential prokaryote and eukaryotic microorganisms for environment, agriculture, food, health, and industries.


  1. Study on microbial diversity based on culture-dependent and culture-independent methods, traditional taxonomy, polyphasic taxonomy approaches, phylogenetic and phylogenomic analyses, whole genome sequence analysis.
  2. Study on microbial morphology, physiology, biochemistry, photosynthesis, ecology, and evolution; host-microbes interaction, and bioinformatics.
  3. Screening of potential indigenous microbial resources as producers of enzymes, antibiotics, and bioactive compounds; as bio-control agents, bioremediation agents, and feed.
  4. Purification and characterizations of antibiotics, bioactive compounds, and enzymes.
  5. Optimization of the production of bioactive compounds in small-scale and genome mining.


VISSION: To be the world-class in research, collection, education, and documentation of Indonesian indigenous biological resources.

MISSION: To conduct research, preservation, documentation and databasing, and promotion of Indonesian indigenous biological resources for use in conservation, education, human welfare, and sustainable development.


  1. Provide knowledge platforms to promote the utilization of scientifically interesting and industrially useful biological resources originated from Indonesia, especially microorganisms.
  2. Ex-situ conservation of indigenous microbial resources.

Head of Research Group:

Dr. Nining Betawati Prihantini, M.Sc. (Associate Professor)


  1. Dr. Wibowo Mangunwardoyo, M.Sc. (Professor)
  2. Wellyzar Sjamsuridzal, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)
  3. Dr. Dian Hendrayanti, M.Sc. (Assistant Professor)
  4. Drs. Iman Santoso, M.Phil. (Assistant Professor)
  5. Dra. Sitaresmi, M,Sc. (Assistant Professor)
  6. Dr. Fitria Ningsih, S.Si., M.Eng. (Assistant Professor)

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