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Community Ecology and Environmental Biology (CEEB)

•The Community Ecology focuses on functional interactions between communities of plants (producers), herbivores (primary consumers), predators (secondary consumers), and soil biota (decomposers) with regard to critical ecosystem services such as productivity, protection, nutrient cycling and storage.

•The Environmental Biology studies on the effects of natural and anthropogenic environmental change on plants, animals, their populations and ecosystems. Understanding mechanisms of action and physiological/behavioural adaptations to environmental stressors is vital to predicting impacts on populations.

Head of Research Group:

Dr.rer.nat. Mufti Petala Patria, M.Sc. (Associate Professor)/ Expertise: Ecophysiology of Marine Biota


  1. Dr. Adi Basukriadi, M.Sc. (Associate Professor)/ Expertise: Ecology of Insect
  2. Dr. Noverita Dian Takarina, M.Sc. (Associate Professor)/ Expertise: Aquatic Ecotoxycology
  3. Drs. Wisnu Wardhana, M.Si. (Associate Professor)/ Expertise: Ecology of Plankton
  4. Dr. Riani Widiarti, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)/ Expertise: Ecology of Harmful Algae
  5. Drs. Erwin Nurdin, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)/ Expertise: Ecology of Freshwater Fish
  6. Dimas Haryo Pradana, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)/ Expertise: Avian Ecology

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