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Scopus Indexed Articles by Lecturers 2022

17 articles in Q1 journals

Takarina, N. D., Chuan, O. M., Afifudin, M. I., Tristan, L., Arif, I., & Adiwibowo, A. (2022). Modeling the tropical fish community related to land uses and environmental determinants. Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 9(3), 1-16.

Winarni, N. L., Pradana, D. H., Ayujawi, S. A., Zackeisha, N., Anugra, B. G., Wulandar, Y., & Syachrudin, D. (2022). Problems in paradise: Mangrove bird communities impacted by litter in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia. Ocean and Coastal Management 225,106223.

Rahmasari, R., Raekiansyah, M., Azallea, S.N., Nethania, M., Bilqisthy, N., Rozaliyani, A., Bowolaksono, A., & Sauriasari, R. (2022). Low-cost SYBR Green-based RT-qPCR assay for detecting SARS-CoV-2 in an Indonesian setting using WHO-recommended primers. Heliyon, 8(11):e11130.

Bowolaksono, A., Sundari, A. M., Fauzi, M., Maidarti, M., Wiweko, B., Mutia, K., Iffanolida, P. A., Febri, R. R., Dwiranti, A., & Funahashi, H. (2022). Anti-Müllerian hormone independently affect mtDNA copy number in human granulosa cells. Journal of Ovarian Research15(1), [111]

Amarasinghe, A. A. T., Ganesh, S. R., Mirza, Z. A., Campbell, P. D., Pauwels, O. S. G., Schweiger, S., Kupfer, A., Patel, H., Karunarathna, S., Deuti, K., Ineich, I., Hallermann, J., Abinawanto, A., & Supriatna, J. (2022). The delusion of stripes: A century-old mystery of five-lined sun skinks (Reptilia: Scincidae: Eutropis) of Peninsular India elucidated. Zoologischer Anzeiger296, 71-90

Ramírez-Castañeda, V., Westeen, E. P., Frederick, J., Amini, S., Wait, D. R., Achmadi, A. S., Andayani, N., Arida, E., Arifin, U., Bernal, M. A., Bonaccorso, E., Sanguila, M. B., Brown, R. M., Che, J., Condori, F. P., Hartiningtias, D., Hiller, A. E., Iskandar, D. T., Jiménez, R. A., Khelifa, R., Márquez, R., Martínez-Fonseca, J. G., Parra, J. L., Peñalba, J. V., Pinto-García, L., Razafindratsima, O. H., Ron, S. R., Souza, S., Supriatna, J. Bowie, R. C. K., Cicero, C., McGuire, J. A., & Tarvin, R. D. (2022). A set of principles and practical suggestions for equitable fieldwork in biology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America119(34), [e2122667119].

Limardi, P. C., Oktavianthi, S., Priliani, L., Lestari, R., Saraswati, M. R., Suastika, K., & Malik, S. G. (2022). Transcription factor 7-like 2 single nucleotide polymorphisms rs290487 and rs290481 are associated with dyslipidemia in the Balinese population. PeerJ, [e13149]

Rozaliyani, A., Abdullah, A., Setianingrum, F., Sjamsuridzal, W., Wahyuningsih, R., Bowolaksono, A., Fatril, A. E., Adawiyah, R., Tugiran, M., Syam, R., Wibowo, H., Kosmidis, C., & Denning, D. W. (2022). Unravelling the Molecular Identification and Antifungal Susceptibility Profiles of Aspergillus spp. Isolated from Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis Patients in Jakarta, Indonesia: The Emergence of Cryptic Species. Journal of Fungi8(4), [411]

Khalil, M., Haq, E. A., Dwiranti, A., Prasedya, E. S., & Kitamoto, Y. (2022). Bifunctional folic-conjugated aspartic-modified Fe3O4 nanocarriers for efficient targeted anticancer drug delivery. RSC Advances12(8), 4961-4971

Ohmido, N., Dwiranti, A., Kato, S., & Fukui, K. (2022). Applications of image analysis in plant chromosome and chromatin structure study. Quantitative Biology10(3), 226-238

Mosnier, A., Schmidt-Traub, G., Obersteiner, M.,Jones, S., Javalera-Rincon, V., DeClerck, F., Thomson, M., Sperling, F., Harrison, P., Pérez-Guzmán, K., McCord, G. C., Navarro-Garcia, J., Marcos-Martinez, R., Wu, G. C., Poncet, J., Douzal, C., Steinhauser, J., Monjeau, A., Frank, F., Lehtonen, H., Rämö, J., Leach, N., Gonzalez-Abraham, C. E., Ghosh, R. K., Jha, C., Singh, V., Bai, Z., Jin, X., Ma, L., Strokov, A., Potashnikov, V., Orduña-Cabrera, F., Neubauer, R., Diaz, M., Penescu, L., Domínguez, E. A., Chavarro, J., Pena, A., Basnet, S., Fetzer, I., Baker, J., Zerriffi, H., Gallardo, R. R., Bryan, B. A., Hadjikakou, M., Lotze-Campen, H., Stevanovic, M., Smith, A., Costa, W., Habiburrachman, A. H. F., Immanuel, G., Selomane, O., Daloz, A., Andrew, R., Oort, B. V., Imanirareba, D., Molla, K. G., Woldeyes, F. B., Soterroni, A. C., Scarabello, M., Ramos, F. M., Boer, R., Winarni, N. L., Supriatna, J., Low, W. S., Fan, A. C. H., Naramabuye, F. X., Niyitanga, F., Olguín, M., Popp, A., Rasche, L., Godfray, C., Hall, J. W., Grundy , M. J., & Wang, X. How can diverse national food and land-use priorities be reconciled with global sustainability targets? Lessons from the FABLE initiative. Sustain Sci (2022)

Mitchell, S.L., Edwards, D.P., Martin, R.W., Deere, N.J., Voigt, M., Kastanya, A., Karja, A., Akbar, P.G., Jordan, K., Tasirin, J., Zakaria, Z., Martin, T., Supriatna, J., Winarni, N., Davies, Z.G. and Struebig, M.J. (2022), Severity of deforestation mediates biotic homogenisation in an island archipelago. Ecography, 2022: e05990.

Estrada A, Garber PA, Gouveia S, Fernández-Llamazares Á, Ascensão F, Fuentes A, Garnett ST, Shaffer C, Bicca-Marques J, Fa JE, Hockings K, Shanee S, Johnson S, Shepard GH, Shanee N, Golden CD, Cárdenas-Navarrete A, Levey DR, Boonratana R, Dobrovolski R, Chaudhary A, Ratsimbazafy J, Supriatna J, Kone I, Volampeno S. Global importance of Indigenous Peoples, their lands, and knowledge systems for saving the world’s primates from extinction. Sci Adv. 2022 Aug 12;8(32)

Ibbett, H., Dorward, L., Dwiyahreni, A. A., Jones, J., Kaduma, J., Kohi, E. M., Mchomvu, J., Prayitno, K., Sabiladiyni, H., Sankeni, S., Saputra, A. W., Supriatna, J., & St John, F. (2022). Experimental validation of specialized questioning techniques in conservation. Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology36(5), e13908.

Purwiyanto, A. I. S., Prartono, T., Riani, E., Koropitan, A. F., Naulita, Y., Takarina, N. D., & Cordova, M. R. (2022). The contribution of estuaries to the abundance of microplastics in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia. Marine Pollution Bulletin184, [114117]

Takarina, N.D., Purwiyanto, A.I.S., Rasud, A.A., Arifin, A.A., Suteja, Y. 2022. Microplastic abundance and distribution in surface water and sediment collected from the coastal area. Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 8(2), pp. 183–196

Winarni, N. L., Fuad, H. A. H., Anugra, B. G., Kaunain, N. N., Anisafitri, S., Atria, M., & Putrika, A. (2022). Potential Ecological Distributions of Urban Adapters and Urban Exploiters for the Sustainability of the Urban Bird Network. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information11(9), [474]. 


9 articles in Q2 journals

Kurniawan, K., Supriatna, J., Sapoheluwakan, J., Soesilo, T. E. B., Mariati, S., & Gunarso,G. (2022). The Analysis of Forest and Land Fire and Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions on the Climate Change in Indonesia. AgBioForum, 24(2), 1-11.

Amarasinghe, A. A. T., Ineich, I., Riyanto, A., Hallermann, J., Andayani, N., Abinawanto, A., & Supriatna, J. (2022). Taxonomy and distribution of a common arboreal lizard, Bronchocela jubata Duméril & Bibron, 1837 (Reptilia: Agamidae), with designation of its lectotype from Java, Indonesia Zootaxa 5150(1), pp. 65-82.

A.A. Thasun Amarasinghe, Mistar Kamsi, Awal Riyanto, Chairunas A. Putra, Jakob Hallermann, Noviar Andayani, Abinawanto, & Jatna Supriatna. Taxonomy, distribution, and conservation status of a rare arboreal lizard, Bronchocela hayeki (Müller, 1928) (Reptilia: Agamidae) from northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Zootaxa 5120 (3): 409–422

Paradisa, R. H., Bustamam, A., Mangunwardoyo, W., Victor, A. A., Yudantha, A. R., & Anki, P. (2022). Deep feature vectors concatenation for eye disease detection using fundus image. Electronics (Switzerland)11(1), [23]

Patria, M. P., Kholis, N., Amarasinghe, A. A. T., Widodo, S., Sundari, A. M., Supriatna, J., & Bowolaksono, A. (2022). A Citizen Science Survey of Urban Snakes at the Campus of Universitas Indonesia. Herpetological Conservation and Biology17(2), 433-441.

Dwiranti, A.Mualifah, M.Kartapradja, R. H. D. H.Abinawanto, A.Salamah, A., & Fukui, K. (2022). Insight into magnesium ions effect on chromosome banding and ultrastructureMicroscopy Research and Technique8510), 3356– 3364

Takarina, N. D., Sukma, A. M., Adiwibowo, A., & Sitaresmi (2022). Water Quality and Microbial Community Assessment in Artisanal Mining- Affected Sediments of Cikidang River, Banten, Java, Indonesia Sains Malaysiana51(5), 1339-1352

Putiamini, S., Mulyani, M., Patria, M. P., Soesilo, T. E. B., & Karsidia, A. (2022). Social vulnerability of coastal fish farming community to tidal (Rob) flooding: a case study from Indramayu, Indonesia. Journal of Coastal Conservation26(2), [7].

Saifudin, & Salamah, A. (2022). The Influence of Season on Phenotypic Plasticity Symptoms in Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Crested Peach Flowers (Pengaruh Musim terhadap Gejala Keplastikan Fenotip pada Bunga Crest Pic Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). Sains Malaysiana51(9), 2817-2827.


17 articles in Q3 journals

Bowolaksono, A., A. Mayasari, A.M. Sundari, A.T.J. Simamora, R. Suryaningsih, A. Suryawan, A. Abinawanto, L. Sjahfirdi, A. Hasna, J. Supriatna & R.C. Kyes. (2022). Urine biochemical profile analysis and transabdominal ultrasonography for pregnancy detection in the endangered lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis). Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity, 23(11) 6056-6061.

Widiarti, R., Zamani, N. P., Bengen, D. G., & Madduppa, H. (2022). Molecular characterization of toxic benthic dinoflagellate, Prorocentrum lima in west Indonesian waters using LSU 28S rDNA gene. Biodiversitas, 23(6), pp. 3257-3263.

Sudiana, I. M., Chandra, N. D., Mangunwardoyo, W., Kanti, A., Napitupulu, T. P., Idris, I., & Sumerta, I. N. (2022). Effects of Funneliformis Mosseae Inoculation on Chili Pepper Growth Under Repeated Drought Stress. Jurnal Teknologi, 84(6), pp. 69-80.

Kiranaputri, G., Sjahfirdi, L., Tumbelaka, L. I., Yana, A., Priyanto, S. K., Anggarsari, L. Y., & Marizal, M. (2022). Positive reinforcement conditioning as Sumatran tiger’s (Panthera tigris sumatrae) social enrichment at Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation Rescue Centre, Lampung, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 23(1), pp. 55-61.

Endar W. Ningrum, Mufti P. Patria. 2022. Microplastic contamination in Indonesian anchovies from fourteen locations. Biodiversitas, 23(1), pp. 125–134

Susanti, L., Utomo, S.W., Takarina, N.D. 2022. Estimating the Nanobubble Aerated System and Stocking Density Effects on Oxygen Consumption and Survival of Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) Postlarvae 8 Using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 12(1), pp. 270–277

Pratiwi, R.H., Oktarina, E., Mangunwardoyo, W., Hidayat, I., Saepudin, E. 2022. Antimicrobial Compound from Endophytic Pseudomonas azotoformans UICC B-91 of Neesia altissima (Malvaceae). Pharmacognosy Journal, 14(1), pp. 172–181

Basith, A., Abinawanto, Kusrini, E., & Yasman (2022). DNA Barcode Characterization of Chocolate Hind Grouper (Cephalopholis boenak) in Several Indonesia Waters with the New Sequences Record from Madura Island. HAYATI Journal of Biosciences29(6), 733-741

Khatulistiani, T., Dewi, A. & Yasman. Y (2022). Detailed description of scanning electromagnetic microscope (SEM) of the Holothuria scabra’s ossicles (Holothuroidea: Echinodermata) collected from Pesawaran waters, Lampung, Indonesia. Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity 23(7)

Firdaus, N., Supriatna, & Supriatna, J. (2022). Ecosystem services research trends in Indonesia: a bibliometric analysis. Biodiversitas23(2), 1105-1117.

Zakaria, Z., Abinawanto, Angio, M. H., & Supriatna, J. (2022). Habitat preferences and site fidelity of Tarsius supriatnai in agricultural area and secondary forest of Popayato-Paguat Landscape (Gorontalo, Indonesia). Biodiversitas23(7), 3844-3851

Leo, S., Supriatna, J., Mizuno, K., & Margules, C. (2022). Indigenous Dayak Iban customary perspective on sustainable forest management, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Biodiversitas23(1), 424-435

Priyanka, V. A., Ulfah, M., Mulyawati, L., Abinawanto, & Helianti, I. (2022). Conjugational Transformation of Wild Type Bacillus halodurans CM1 by Methylated Recombinant Plasmid Harbouring a Gene Encoding for Alkaline Protease and the Protease Activity Assay of the Transformant. HAYATI Journal of Biosciences29(6), 799-805.

Ristiani, W., Yuniati, R., Lestari, R., & Wardhana, W. (2022). Application of Coconut Shell Liquid Smoke to Control Fusarium Wilt Disease on Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. Agrivita44(1), 11-20

Rachmania, M. K., Ningsih, F., Sari, D. C. A. F., Sakai, Y., Yabe, S., Eshananda, Y., Yokota, A., & Sjamsuridzal, W. (2022). Identification and screening of enzymatic abilities of Ktedonobacteria from forest soil of Cisolok Geothermal Area, Indonesia. Biodiversitas23(9), 4686-4695

Iman Santoso, Qonita Gina Fadhilah, Syella Dwi Safitri, Sri Handayani, Andi Eko Maryanto, Yasman. 2022. Inhibition of the phytopathogenic fungi Curvularia lunata BM and Ganoderma sp. TB4 by antifungal compounds produced by Bacillus siamensis LDR grown on hanjeli (Coix lacrymajobi L.) starch. Pharmacia 69(1): [in press]

Purnomo, A. R., Patria, M. P., Takarina, N. D., & Karuniasa, M. (2022). Environmental Impact of the Intensive System of Vannamei Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Farming on the Karimunjawa-Jepara-Muria Biosphere Reserve, Indonesia. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology12(3), 873-880.


1 article in international Scopus indexed journal

Machrumnizar, M., Adawiyah, R., Natriana, T., Imran, D., Muslim, M., Sjamsuridzal, W., & Wahyuningsih, R. (2022). Molecular Identification of Cryptococcus neoformans Isolates from House Environments of HIV-Infected Patients in an Urban Area, Indonesia: A First Report. Makara Journal of Science26(2), 79-88