Biology FMIPA UI

List of Research and Community Services Grant

To realize the implementation of tridharma higher education, lecturers in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI (in particular) conduct various research activities and community service. Funding support for the implementation of these activities can come from independent funds (self-funding from the lecturers concerned) and funds derived from competitive grants at home or abroad. These competitive grants are tied to research and/or community service contracts as quality assurance documents from the implementation of these grants.

The following is a link to the list of competitive grants of Research and/or Community Service obtained by Lecturers of the Department of Biology in the last 3 years period. Please click the following link to see the details of the lecturer’s name, proposal title and year of implementation of the Research and/or Community Service grant:

List of Research Grant (2018-2020)

List Community Service Grant (2018-2020)