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Wildlife Biology and Sustainable Landscape (WILD)

This group is aimed to direct our collective expertise, experiences, and interest to support the Government’s commitment to SDGs, particularly Goals 13, 14, and 15. We believe that understanding the biology of wild flora and fauna in a changing landscape and seascape is crucial to ensure that development activities do not surpass nature’s carrying and restoring capacity

Research Focus:

  1. Conservation genetics of critically endangered mammals in fragmented landscapes of Sumatra and Java
  2. Metagenomics studies to detect positive selection under different landscape management systems.
  3. Assessments of landscapes’ carrying capacity using various parameters in relation to human – wildlife conflict, wildlife ecosystem, and sustainable development.
  4. Resilience of lifeforms, including invasive species, and emerging diseases in the process of urbanization and climate change.
  5. Behaviour interaction in endangered large mammals.
  6. Urban exotic and invasive species
  7. Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  8. Life cycle assessment


For the next 20 years, we will build and strengthen our research interest and capacity on wildlife biology and sustainable landscape to meet the following objectives:

  1. Saving endangered and endemic wildlife
  2. Providing science-based recommendations to design and manage human-wildlife interphase in biodiversity rich landscapes.
  3. Developing climate resilience management tools to conserve wildlife.
  4. Understanding the landscape dynamics for the preservation of wildlife and sustainable development
  5. Finding the correlation from genes to ecosystem and adaptation to support resilience.
  6. Digital technology on conservation & predicting biodiversity trend.
  7. Bioprospecting and ecosystem services
  8. Building a Digital collection for urban wildlife diversity.

Field of studies:

  1. Biodiversity and ecosystem services study for terrestrial and marine wildlife in Indonesia.
  2. Landscape genomics.
  3. Conservation genetics for big mammals conservation in Indonesia
  4. Urban exotic and invasive species
  5. Sustainable landscapes
  6. Climate change adaptation and mitigation

Head of Research Group:

Dr. Jatna Supriatna, M.Sc. (Professor)


  1. Dr. Luthfiralda Sjahfirdi, M.Biomed. (Associate Professor)
  2. Dr. Noviar Andayani, M.Sc. (Assistant Professor)
  3. Dr. Nisyawati, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)
  4. Mega Atria, M.Si. (Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University)
  5. Andi Eko Maryanto, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)
  6. Afiatry Putrika, M.Si. (Assistant Professor)


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