Biology FMIPA UI

Research Group

Since its establishment in 1960 until the end of 70’s, pioneer lecturers in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI is a lecturer with a background in Zoological sciences. In the period 1971-1979, lecturers with a botanical science background began to strengthen the implementation of education and research in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI. Through a meeting on March 24, 1977, the Department of Biology began to introduce the term Laboratory as the basis for grouping lecturers in charge of supporting the implementation of teaching and research. The laboratories at that time were Taxonomy Laboratory, Physiology Laboratory, Embryology Anatomi_Histologi_dan Laboratory, Ecology Laboratory, and Microbiology Laboratory. As a consequence of the meeting, starting in 1980 the Department of Biology began to have lecturers with a scientific background in Microbiology. This scientific background is then known as the Specialized Group of Sciences (KBI) in the early 2015s. Since the move of UI to depok campus in 1987, the Laboratory which is a grouping of lecturers of the Department of Biology FMIPA UI developed into 7 laboratories, namely: Taxonomy Laboratory, Physiology Laboratory, Developmental Biology Laboratory, Genetics Laboratory, Ecology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and Marine Laboratory.

The term Research Group in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI itself has only been introduced since the beginning of 2015. Through marathon meetings involving lecturers in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI, the grouping of lecturers began to be conducted based on the Research Group. In the period 2015-2018, there were 10 Research Groups in the Department of Biology FMIPA under the Zoological, Botanical, and Microbiology Specialized Group of Sciences (KBI). The ten Research Groups are (1) Animal Science for Health, (2) Chemical Ecology, (3) Coastal and Marine Resources: Environment and Management, (4) Landscape Genetics, (5) Reproductive Genetics, and (6) Terrestrial-Aquatic Conservation and Environmental Services which affiliated to the KBI Zoology; (7) Plant genetics, development, and biosystematics and (8) Plant Physiology and Natural Resources which affiliated to the KBI Botani; (9) Microbial Systematics and Ecology dan (10) Microbial Technology and Prospecting which affiliated to the KBI Mikrobiologi.

To accommodate the aspirations of cross-KBI researches, the evaluation and restructuring of the 10 existing research groups was held. Since 2019, there are only 5 Research Groups in the Department of Biology FMIPA that no longer affiliated to a certain KBI. The five Research Groups are:

  1. Community Ecology and Environmental Biology (CEEB)
  2. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Biological System (CEMBIOS)
  3. Metabolomics and Chemical Ecology (MeCE)
  4. Microbial Systematics and Prospecting (MSP)
  5. Wildlife Biology and Sustainable Landscape (WILD)

Research Group is led by a Head who excels in research. Each Research Group has a member who conducts research activities in accordance with the scope and plans to their respective Research Groups.