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Quality Assurance


Based on the Rector’s Decree No. 12/2004 the organitzational structure of the Implementation of Academic Quality Assurance at the Universitas Indonesia is founded, at the university level namely, the Board of Academic Quality Assurance (BPMA), assisted by supporting work units at the Faculty level, namely the Academic Quality Assurance Unit (UPMA) and at the Department level namely the Academic Quality Assurance Team (TPMA).

The internal academic quality assurance system is carried out through monitoring and evaluating the performance of the study program through the online EVISEM Semester Internal Evaluation system. The assessment points evaluated in EVISEM is summarized in Figure below.

Evaluation Learning Process by Student

Evaluation of learning process is done in several ways, one of them is from the online system Lecturer Evaluation by Student or EDOM ( On this questionnaire, some aspect need to be evaluated by the students such as: subject matter, learning process, classroom management, and transparency of learning evaluation. The EDOM scale is from 1 to 6 (worst to best). By completing this EDOM, students have participated to improve the learning process, and the lecturer can evaluate their teaching method for further improvement in the next semester.