Biology FMIPA UI

Message from Head of Department

Welcome to Department of Biology

It’s my honor, as the Head of Department Head, to welcome you

Nurturing Earth, developing knowledge, and sustaining life, is a message that has been passed down since the founding of Department of Biology. We believe biological science has a great part in creating a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

We are committed to create graduates that can contribute in science, technology, and sustainable
development both in the national and international levels. Through cutting-edge research and
innovative learning methods, we educate our students to be the future leaders in science.

Our research focuses on biodiversity prospection and conservation. With years of experience in
research, our lecturers and staffs provide the best environment for students to study and collaborate,
producing new breakthroughs in science. We provide students with facilities that can support their
research. Department of Biology also have collaboration with national and international institutions.
This enables students to connect to other students and professionals in the industry.

Welcome to the world of biological science,
Together we can build sustainable future through biodiversity prospection

Anom Bowolaksono, Ph.D.
Head of Department