Biology FMIPA UI

Master in Marine Sciences Program


Centre of Excellence and reference in education and research of life science and marine physical sciences in Indonesia, as well as be able to contribute in both international and national  levels


Providing Human resources that have expertise in developing marine  life science  and physical science in Indonesia by carrying out academic activities and research based on curriculum and syllabus as well as integrated science development program

Improving the facilities required for learning activities  in the form of laboratory that can support science development and able to bring Master in Marine Science Program to become a Marine Science higher education institution  that can compete in international and national levels

Education Goal

  1. Able to  plan and do research in the field of  marine science and its application
  2. Experts in research institution that are able to plan , do and develop their ability in the field of marine sciences and its application
  3. Professionals in academic/research field,  industry, company and have the ability to study and quickly adapt in working environment, as well as able to solve problems with applying Marine Sciences and systematic thinking  

Graduate Profile

This program aims to create master in marine sciences that have the ability to plan, analyze, formulate, create and do research independently, as well as communicating concept and answers to solve management and conservations problems of marine resources with multi or inter disciplinary approach in planning and developing Marine Sciences in order to produce works that are beneficial for public and have international and national recognition