Biology FMIPA UI

Doctorate Program – S3


Doctorate Program Profile

  • Accreditation : B
  • Degree : Doctor
  • Location : Depok Campus
  • Length of Study : 6 Semesters  (50 Credits)
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia

This study program attract graduated master students or professional researchers to get a Doctor degree. The curriculum of this study program is designed to prepare students with an advance competence of knowledge and excellent research skill. It also create a novelty finding in the field of Biology, with special emphasize to the topic of biodiversity and conservation. Students must have a prior chosen topic related to by the existing 10 Research Groups in the Department of Biology FMIPA UI as described above. Students must earn at least 50 credits for 6 semesters where normally take 3 years of study. Besides doing a research in the Department of Biology laboratories, the students can also do their prior chosen topic research in other research institution laboratory.


The graduates of this program have a wide range career opportunity in biological field in academic, research institutions or industries, as scientists, healthcare professionals, and lecturer in universities.