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Tracer Study for Graduates of the Undergraduate Program in Biology 

The Undergraduate Program in Biology (UPBio) at the Department of Biology FMIPA UI has carried out a tracer study for its alumni. This is a regular program and it is usually done together with the Directorate of Alumni Relations at UI.  The study is carried out online by sending links of the questionnaire to the alumni through social media and email. The study traces alumni who has graduated in the past 5 years. The questions in the questionnaire includes personal data, year admitted, year graduated, time for getting the first job, place of work, position, type of job,  feedback from the alumni about their learning experience during their  study at UBio and relevance of their work with Biology.  In addition, the alumni is also asked for  feedback on the study program improvement.

Besides data on graduates, a user survey was also distributed to various institutions who are known to employ UP Bio graduates. The survey is carried out by sending a letter/email to the employer. The performance indicators that are required to be filled are ethics, moral, expertise according to field of study, English language skills, ICT skills, teamwork, and professional career development.   The users could also give input on the weaknesses of the graduate as an employee.

The total number of  respondents in the 2020 tracer study for graduates are 121 respondents and the number of users who participated in the user survey were 90 users. Here are some of the results.

A. Graduate Waiting time for First Job

The study results show that 78,91% of graduates had a waiting time of less than 6 months after graduation for their first job. This shows that the UPBio graduates from UI are needed and that they are qualified for different entry level positions. There are 17,97%  graduates who have a waiting time of more than 6 months  and about 3,12% of the graduates have a waiting time of more than 18 months. The waiting time for the first job is affected by several factors including : directly going to graduate school, waiting for recruitment period at certain institutions and competition with graduates from other universities. However, based on the current data, it can stated that the graduates of UPBio are competitive with other graduates from different universities in obtaining their first job.

Graduate Waiting Time


B. Relevance of Workplace with Field of Study

The relevance of work with the field of study is evaluated by tracing the various workplaces of the graduates. The results show that 71,09% of the graduates work in places that are ‘highly relevant’ with biology. This indicates that the competencies/skills obtained during study at the UPBio still has relevance with the skills needed in the workforce.  The percentage for graduates working in places that are ‘relevant’ and ‘less relevant’ are 6,25% and 22,66%. These numbers can be considered a minority.  The graduates of UPBio listed a variety of workplaces in the study, including government /public sector, private sector and other institutions such as NGOs that are related to Biology.

Relevance of workplace with field of study


C. User Satisfaction

Evaluation of the graduates performance from UPBio in the workplace are also based on assessment by their employers. Results show that all the indicators show high level of satisfaction.  On average, 52,3% of users were “very satisfied” with the graduate performance, 45,3% were “satisfied”, 2,3% were “somewhat satisfied” and 0,2% were “less satisfied.  The data shows graduates from UPBio at the Department of Biology FMIPA UI are competitive at the national and international job market, and they possess a  competitive advantage, professional ethics, independence in personal professional development and based on the science of Biology.

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User satisfaction



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