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What our Alumni says about Department of Biology


Aryono Bambang Ardhyo

S1 - Biology 1987
Head of Performance Excellence PT Frisian Flag Indonesia

The pattern of education is to prepare Biology undergraduate candidates, able to forge mental readiness and technical and non-technical abilities outside the campus world, and be ready to face various further challenges to build a career and continue to excel in their field. The support of lecturers and education staff with various backgrounds in life sciences, from various backgrounds from leading universities both nationally and internationally, enables the Department of Biology to produce graduates of Biology who are of global quality and aware of current technological developments. The abilities possessed by lecturers and education staff support the transfer of knowledge by following the latest technological development trends.


DR Rintis Noviyanti

S1 - Biology 1987
Researcher in Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology

I really like studying in the laboratory, such as genetics and microbiology. Field courses really open students’ horizons to appreciate the environment more and interact with the community. The UI Biology Department invites us to appreciate environmental biodiversity more and think more critically to maintain a good natural balance for the sake of Indonesia’s natural preservation.

Primary - Iqbal Hariadi - Copy

Iqbal Hariadi

S1 - Biology 2010
Author, content creator, Head of Brand Communications Kitabisa​

As an alumni, I am grateful to be able to study at the UI Biology Department. The curriculum taught facilitated my interest in conservation, and helped me study the biological sciences comprehensively. This is also greatly helped by the various extracurricular activities at Biology UI, such as the Comata Wildlife Study Group, the Canopy Plant Lovers Student Unit, and the Special Interest Group in Marine Biology (SIGMA-B UI). During my college years, I actively participated in these three activity units which exposed me to various research experiences and conservation activities in various national parks in Indonesia. In addition, the Department of Biology at UI instills scientific thinking and orientation on conservation and sustainability to students


Aprilia Nur Fitrianti

S1 - Biology 2009
PhD candidate Plant Pathology Laboratory Graduate School of Environmental and Life Sciences Okayama University, Jepang

The educational curriculum at the Department of Biology, University of Indonesia offers many choices of research areas of interest during my undergraduate studies. The compulsory courses that I took in the first and second years of study really helped me map out the research area of interest that suited me, namely the interaction of plants with microorganisms. All extracurricular activities offered at the Department of Biology, University of Indonesia, have shaped my current personality, such as HMD Biology, FMIPA UI and SIGMA B-UI.