Artikel pada Jurnal terindeks Scopus oleh dosen Dept. Biologi tahun 2023

12 artikel di jurnal Q1

Yunilawati, R., Handayani, W., Oktarina, E., Imawan, C., Rahmi, D., Umar, A. & Fauzia, V. (2023). Antibacterial Sachet from the β‐Cyclodextrin/Lemongrass Oil Inclusion Complex for Shrimp Freshness. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 10.1111/ijfs.16436.

Takarina, N. D., Chuan, O. M., Afifudin, M. I., Tristan, L., Arif, I. & Adiwibowo, A. (2023). Modeling the tropical fish community related to land uses and environmental determinants. Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 9(3), 515 – 530.

Puspitasari, R., Takarina, N. D., Soesilo, T. E. B. & Agustina, H. (2023). Potential risks of heavy metals in green mussels (Perna viridis) harvested from Cilincing and Kamal Muara, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia to human health. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 189: 114754.

Mosnier, A., Schmidt-Traub, G., Obersteiner, M., Jones, S., Javalera-Rincon, V., DeClerck, F., Thomson, M., Sperling, F., Horrison, P., Perez-Guzman, K., McCord, G. C., Navarro-Garcia, J., Marcos-Martinez, R., Wu, G. C., Poncet, J., Douzal, C., Steinhauser, J., Monjeau, A., Frank, F., Lehtonen, H., Ramo, J., Leach, N., Gonzalez-Abaraham, C. E. Ghosh, R. K., Jha, C., Singh, V., Bai, Z., Jin, X., Ma, L., Strokov, A., Potashnikov, V., Orduna-Cabrera, F., Naubauer, R., Diaz, M., Panescu, L., Dominguez, E. A., Chavarro, J., Pena, A., Basnet, S., Fetzer, I., Baker, J., Zerriffi, H., Reyes, G. R., Bryan, B. A., Hadjikakou, M., Lotze, H., Stevanovic, M., Smith, A., Costa, W., Habiburrachman, A. H. F., Immanuel, G., Selomane, O., Daloz, A., Andrew, R., Van Orrt, B., Imanirareba, D., Molla, K. G., Woldeyes, F. B., Setorrini, A. C., Scarabello, M., Ramos, F. M., Boer, R., Winarni, N. L., Supriatna, J., Low, W. S., Fan, A. C. H., Naramabuya, F., Niyitanga, F., Olguin, M., Pop, A., Rasche, L., Godfray, C., Hall, J. W., Grundy, M. J. & Wang, X. (2023). How can diverse national food and land-use priorities be reconciled with global sustainability targets? Lessons from the FABLE initiative. Sustainability Science, 18, 335 – 345.

Soeprobowti, T. R., Takarina, N. D., Komala, P. S., Subehi, L. Wojewódka-Przybył, M., Jumari, J., & Nastuti, R. (2023). Sediment organic carbon stocks in tropical lakes and its implication for sustainable lake management. Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 9(2), 173 192.

Takarina, N. D., Chuan, O. M.,  Pin, T. G., Femnisya, I., Fathinah, A., Ramadhan, A. N. B., Hermawan, R., & Adiwibowo, A. (2023). Land use variation impacts on trace elements in the tissues and health risks of a commercial fish. Global Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 9(3), 1 – 18.

Spencer, K. L., Deere, N. J., Aini, M., Avriandy, R., Campbell-Smith, G., Cheyne, S. M., Gaveau, D. L. A., Humle, T., Hutabarat, J., Loken, B., Macdonald, D. W., Marshall, A. J., Morgans, C., Rayadin, Y., Sanchez, K. L., Spehar, S., Sugardjito, J., Wittmer, H. U., Supriatna, J., & Struebig, M. J. (2023). Implications of large-scale infrastructure development for biodiversity in Indonesian Borneo. Science of the Total Environment, 866, 161075.

Henderson Sousa, F., Ghaisani Komarudin, A., Findlay-Greene, F., Bowolaksono, A., Sasmono, R. T., Stevens, C. & Barlow, P. G. (2023). Evolution and immunopathology of chikungunya virus informs therapeutic development. DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms, 16(4), 1 69.

Hilia, S. W. R., AbinawantoDwiranti, A., Bowolaksono, A., Lestari, R., Fadhilah, Kristanto, A. H. & Ohmido, N. (2023). Ultrastructure of Javaen barb fish Systomus orphoides Valenciennes, 1842 spermatozoa (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) by electron microscopes. Microscopy Research and Technique. 

Ibbett, H., Jones, J. P. G., Dorward, L., Kohi, E. M., Dwiyahreni, A. A., Prayitno, K., Sankeni, S., Kaduma, J., Mchomvu, J., Wijaya Saputra, A., Sabiladiyni, H., Supriatna, J. & St John, F. A. V. (2023). A mixed methods approach for measuring topic sensitivity in conservation. People and Nature, 5(4), 1245 – 1261.

Zakaria, Z., Supriatna, J., Abinawanto, A. & Shekelle, M. (2023). Quantitative analysis of tarsier duet calls from field surveys reveals a new acoustic form in Gorontalo (Indonesia). International Journal of Primatology.

Yunilawati, R., Handayani, W., Oktarina, E., Imawan, C., Rahmi, D., Umar, A. & Fauzia, V. (2023). Antibacterial sachet from the β-Cyclodextrin/lemongrass oil inclusion complex for shrimp freshness. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 58(6)3097 – 3108.

6 artikel di jurnal Q2

Mutia, K., Wiweko, B., Abinawanto, A., Dwiranti, A. & Bowolaksono, A. (2023). microRNAs as A Biomarker to Predict Embryo Quality Assessment in In Vitro Fertilization. International Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 17(2): 85 – 91.

Chandramouli, S. R., Adhikari, O. D., Amarasinghe, A. A. T. & Abinawanto, A. (2023). A review of the genus Bronchocela Kaup, 1827 (Reptilia: Agamidae) in the Nicobar Archipelago with the description of two new species. Zootaxa, 5254(4): 493 – 516.

Nadhifah, H., Rahmani, N., Mangunwardoyo, W., Yopi, Y., Atikana, A., Ratnakomala, S. & Lisdiyanti, P. (2023). Xylanopectinolytic enzymes by marine actinomycetes from sediments of Sarena Kecil, North Sulawesi: high potential to produce galacturonic acid and xylooligosaccharides from raw biomass. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 21(1): 1 – 11.

Rozaliyani, A., Antariksa, B., Nurwidya, F., Zaini, J., Hasan, F., Nugrahapraja, H., Yusva, H., Wibowo, H., Bowolaksono, A., Kosmidis, C. & SETIANINGRUM, FINDRA. (Apr 2023).  The fungal and bacterial interface in the respiratory mycobiome with a focus on Aspergillus spp. Life, 13(4), 1 22.

Handayani, N., Aubry, D., Boediono, A., Wiweko, B., Sirait, B., Sini, I., Polim, A. A., Dwiranti, A. Bowolaksono, A. (2023). The origin and possible mechanism of embryonic cell-free DNA release in spent embryo culture media: a review. Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics,  40(6),  1231 – 1242.

Nadhifah, H., Rahmani, N., Mangunwardoyo, W., Yopi, Atikana, A., Ratnakomala, S. & Lisdiyanti, P. (2023). Xylanopectinolytic enzymes by marine actinomycetes from sediments of Sarena Kecil, North Sulawesi: high potential to produce galacturonic acid and xylooligosaccharides from raw biomass. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 21(31), 1 11. 

15 artikel di jurnal Q3

Abinawanto, A., Lestari, S., Bowolaksono, A., Dwiranti, A., Lestari, R., Gustiano, R. & Kristanto, A. H. (2023). The effect of different honey concentrations on the ultrastructure profile of spermatozoa in Dewa Mahseer (Neolissochilus soro). Biodiversitas, 24(2), 1025 – 1031.

Hendrayanti, D., Prihantini, N. B., Ningsih, F. & Maulana, F. (2023). Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Cyanobacterial study in Agung and Sunter Barat Lakes, North Jakarta, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 24(2), 1117 – 1124.

Manullang, C. Y., Patria, M. P., Haryono, A., Anuar, S. T., Suyadi, S. & Opier, R. D. A. (2023). Status and Research Gaps of Microplastics Pollution in Indonesian Waters: A Review. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 23(1), 251 – 267.

Anita, N., Jusuf, A. A., Bowolaksono, A., Saoemi, H. A., & A. Safrina. (2023). Cryoprotective effects of longan honey on preantral follicle integrity of rat ovary post vitrification. Cryoletters, 44(1), 26 36.

Pelasula, D. D., Patria, M. P., Wouthuyzen, S., & Syahailatua, A. (2023). Key success factors and problems in coral transplantation: A review. Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation, 16(1), 1 24.

Takarina, N. D., Wulaningsih, D. U., Kenraningrum, J. M., Mahalana, M. & Dewandhi, M. I. (2023). Microplastic abundance in edible crabs and gastropods on the blanakan coast. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 18(3), 147 – 154.

Khairatunnisa, F., Salamah, A. Maryanto, A. E. (2023). Analysis of performance and gene OsFER1 expression of six rice varieties with FeSO4 stress treatment. Biodiversitas, 24(3), 1391 – 1399.

Prasetiawati, N., Sundari, A. M., Supriyadi, A., Sjarbaini, H., Tarigan, S., Suardana, G., Pariyanti, G., Indah, D. R., Purwatyningsih, E. & Bowolaksono, A. (2023). The effect of follitropin alfa in controlled ovarian stimulation protocol for in vitro fertilization cycles. Journal of Reproduction and Infertility, 24(2), 139 – 144.

Santoso, I., Fadhilah, Q. G., Abdullah, S., Tamrela, H. & Sugiyanto, A. (2023). Microbial air pollutant control using commercial UV-C lamp for preparing re-opening class activities at Universitas Indonesia. International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 13(1), 276 – 282.

Atria, M., Dransfield, J. & van Welzen, P. C. (2023). Revision of the rattan Calamus javensis Blume complex (Arecaceae, Calamoideae) in Malesia with notes on all recognisable taxa and forms. Nordic Journal of Botany 2023: e03763, 1 16. 

Patria, M. P., Kholis, N., Anggreini, D. & Buyong, F. (2023). Abundance and distribution of microplastics in seawater, sediment, and macroalgae sea grapes Caulerpa racemosa from Semak Daun Island, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 24(6), 3424 – 3430.

Pelasula, D. D., Patria, M. P., Wouthuyzen, S. & Syahailatua, A. (2023). Key success factors and problems in coral transplantation: A review. AACL Bioflux, 16(1), 3319 – 3342.

Manullang, C. Y., Patria, M. P., Haryono, A., Anuar, S. T., Suyadi, S. & Opier, R. D. A. (2023). Status and research gaps of microplastics pollution in indonesian waters: A review. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 23(1), 251 – 267.

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Anggraeni, A., Yuniati, R., Silalahi, M., Lestari, R. & Jumari. (2023). Cultivation of underutilized fruit trees by indigenous people in Urug Village, West Java, Indonesia. Biodiversitas, 24(1), 454 – 466.

3 artikel di jurnal Q4

Sadili, A., Salamah, A., Mirmanto, E. & Kartawinata, K. (2023). Variation in the composition and structure of natural lowland forests at Bodogol, Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, West Java, Indonesia. Reinwardtia, 22(1),  1 – 25.

Wibowo, A., Syahbudin, A., Basukriadi, A. & Nurdin, E. (2023). Modelling the potential distributions of sawo kecik (Manilkara kauki (L.)) dubard using maxent to support conservations of historical and cultural vegetations in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta province. Reinwardtia, 22(1), 55 – 67.

Yulkifli, Dewantara, K. S., Sari, M. B., Ramli, Razi, F. & Handayani, W. (2023). A Low-cost digital spectrophotometer for heavy metal absorbance measurements. Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 66, 147 –155.